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Florida Personal Injury Lawyer Case Results

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Our case results show the difference we’ve made in the lives of individuals seeking compensation and justice after facing personal injuries. Your success is our priority, and we’re here to fight for the compensation you deserve.

$1.2 Million

Motorcycle Accident

Recovery of $1,200,000 against a body repair shop for a crash in which the motorcycle steering oscillated spontaneously and developed a wobble in the front wheel, causing the driver to lose control and crash. The client was intubated at the trauma bay for catastrophic injuries and required extensive hospitalization for multiple surgeries.

$1.0 Million

Truck Accident

A young student suffered closed head, spine, and knee injuries in a head-on crash where the driver of a commercial vehicle ran a red light and plowed through a high-traffic intersection directly in front of our client’s path.


Car Accident

A company employee collided into our client’s vehicle on the highway while he was texting. Our client suffered a mild Traumatic Brain Injury and orthopedic injuries to her neck and back.


Personal Injury

The client was the front passenger in a vehicle T-boned head-on at an intersection. She suffered blunt force trauma and devastating fractures. We were hired two years after the crash and after the client had settled with the at-fault driver for a nominal amount to see if any further recourse was available to her. Our office successfully argued for and recovered over $400,000 of additional compensation under multiple insurance policies previously unknown and undisclosed.


Car Accident

A rear-end collision caused our client to suffer a cervical disc herniation and ultimately required cervical disk replacement surgery. The insurance company settled after litigation commenced.


Bicycle Accident

A bicyclist was seriously injured when struck in a crosswalk by a vehicle that failed to yield right of way and suffered lumbar and cervical disc herniations. We successfully resolved his case in prelitigation for $350,000.00 within four months of the incident.


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