If you have sustained injuries that you suspect were caused by a defective product, you may be able to take legal action against the product’s manufacturer, wholesaler, or distributor, based upon a manufacturing defect. Some common characteristics of manufacturing defects are as follows:

  • Typically caused by an error in assembly
  • Not intended to be part of the product
  • Manufacturer may be deemed strictly liable, without regard to fault
  • Injured consumer must show that the product defect was present at the time the product left the factory where it was produced

A product liability attorney may be able to help you prove the existence of a manufacturing defect, a design defect, or an insufficient warning.

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Design defects are flaws in a product that cause it to be unreasonably dangerous or hazardous for potential consumers. In order to determine whether or not the product which caused your injuries contained a design defect, you should consider the following, whether:

  • The product’s design was unreasonably dangerous prior to its production
  • A potential consumer could anticipate that the product’s design would cause injuries or damages
  • The manufacturer of the product could have come up with a reasonable alternative design for the product that would have been economically feasible – and which would have eliminated the hazard


The warning label on a product should be easy for consumers to read and understand. In addition, it should be placed in an area where consumers will be able to locate and appreciate it. In some cases, the warning itself may be deemed insufficient in one or more of the following ways. The warning:

  • Fails to inform potential consumers of existing hazards associated with the product
  • Fails to inform the consumer of the severity of risk associated with product use
  • Does not inform the consumer of the possible effects of the hazard
  • Does not tell the consumer how to avoid the hazard

If you were injured by a product that lacked a warning label – or if you suspect that the warning was misplaced or insufficient – you may be entitled to monetary compensation.