West Palm Beach Lawyer Advocates for Bicycle Accident Victims


Though Florida represents six percent of the U.S. population, 17 percent of bicycle fatalities occur here. Part of that can be explained by warm weather year-round and flat areas throughout the state that make it easy to ride a bike, but there’s no denying that cyclists face serious risks in a collision with a motor vehicle. Located in West Palm Beach, Winegar Law, P.A. litigates on behalf of bike riders throughout the area who have been hurt in a crash with another vehicle or due to poor road conditions. Whatever your injury might be, we’ll battle to secure the legal relief you deserve.


As an experienced South Florida personal injury lawyer, Joshua Winegar has a deep understanding of each aspect of bicycle accident litigation, such as:

  • Causes — Motorists who speed, turn without signaling, veer into a designated bike lane or open car doors can suddenly present a serious risk to bicycle riders. We challenge drivers and their insurance companies when cyclists are hurt due to these actions or other misconduct such as distracted or impaired driving.
  • Injuries — In Florida, only bike riders under 16 must wear a helmet, so when a victim’s head hits the ground or another vehicle, a brain injury often results. Our firm has a strong track record winning favorable verdicts and settlements for the victims of head trauma as well as those who have suffered broken bones, abrasions and internal damage caused by bike accidents.
  • Potential damages — Damages can include payment for medical bills, lost income and other out-of-pocket expenses stemming from the accident. You might also be able to collect noneconomic damages such as payment to address your pain and suffering along with a diminished enjoyment of life associated with the incident.

Before you give up your claim or agree to a settlement, it’s important to learn about your options from a qualified legal counselor. We offer a free initial consultation and work on contingency so you don’t pay any legal fees until you receive a financial recovery.


If you’re involved in a collision with a car or truck while cycling, it’s important to know what to do if you are not in need of urgent medical care. Some steps you can take to protect yourself include these:

  • Call 911 and obtain any immediate medical attention — The first priority once an accident occurs should be everyone’s safety. Call 911 at once and request medical attention for anyone who might be hurt.
  • Get contact information — If there is no immediate physical danger, you can start to obtain contact information from the other parties to the crash as well as any witnesses.
  • Record your impressions — Memories can become hazy over time, so it’s smart to take pictures at the scene and note your impressions, including what you think happened, what the weather conditions were, and whether road conditions may have played a part.
  • Don’t admit or allege fault — No case is won at the crash site, but saying the wrong thing could weaken your legal position going forward. Don’t admit fault or try to make your case if you believe the driver caused the collision. Sticking to the facts, such as insurance coverage, works best.
  • File a police report — You’ll need a police report to file an insurance claim, and the reporting officer’s impressions could bolster your case. Once the report is received, we can review what is said and seek to correct any errors.
  • Hire an attorney — No matter what specifically caused your accident, attorney Joshua Winegar will provide the advice and advocacy you need to assert your rights effectively.

Once you contact our firm, we’ll get to work immediately in pursuit of the compensation that is available under Florida law.

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