Dedicated to Helping Injury Victims Throughout Florida

Dedicated to Helping Injury Victims Throughout Florida

Bicycle Accidents

Attorneys Representing People Injured in Bicycle Accidents in West Palm Beach and Miami

West Palm Beach residents and visitors frequently use bicycles as a means of transportation. Riding a bike has health benefits and is a convenient and cost-effective way to travel, but it carries risks that do not accompany other vehicles. For example, bicyclists are often victims of accidents caused by inattentive motorists, and such incidents often lead to serious harm. If you were hurt in a collision while riding a bicycle, you might be owed compensation, and it is in your best interest to consult an attorney as soon as possible.


At Winegar Law, P.A., our knowledgeable West Palm Beach bicycle accident lawyers are well-versed in what it takes to obtain favorable results, and if you hire us, we will diligently pursue the best legal outcome possible under the facts of your case. Our lawyers regularly represent people injured in bike accidents in West Palm Beach and Miami, and other cities in Florida.

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Florida has enacted laws that aim to protect bicyclists. Specifically, the law requires people to provide cyclists with at least three feet of clearance when passing them on the right or driving alongside them. Unfortunately, however, not all drivers abide by the law, which often results in collisions. In addition to the duties imposed by law, drivers exiting their cars should check for bicyclists prior to opening their doors, and drivers that pass a bicyclist traveling in the same direction should make sure that their path is clear before making a right turn, as many accidents arise out of the fact that some drivers fail to observe bicyclists until it is too late to avoid an accident. Drivers should also slow down to a reasonable speed when approaching or passing a bicyclist on the road to avoid following too closely behind them or passing them without sufficient room to do so, which in many instances, results in accidents.

Establishing Liability for a Bicycle Accident

Victims of bicycle accidents can suffer fractures, contusions, lacerations, and brain trauma. Treating injuries caused by bicycle accidents can be costly, and people hurt in such accidents are often unable to work, either temporarily or permanently. As such, they will frequently seek to recoup damages from the party responsible for their harm via negligence claims asserted in civil lawsuits.

Under Florida law, a plaintiff arguing a defendant acted negligently has to establish that the defendant owed them a duty of care. With regard to bicycle accidents, the duty owed may arise out of a statute or might be the obligation to act with reasonable care under the circumstances Next, the plaintiff has to prove that the defendant breached the duty. Finally, the plaintiff needs to demonstrate that the defendant’s breach caused the plaintiff to suffer actual losses.

If the judge or jury finds the defendant liable, they may award the plaintiff compensation for the cost of any medical care they needed after the accident, lost wages, and out-of-pocket expenses, as well as damages for the intangible harm they suffered because of the accident, like suffering, pain, and mental distress.

In some cases, the defendant will attempt to avoid liability by arguing that the plaintiff operated their bike in a negligent manner, and therefore the plaintiff should be denied damages. Under Florida law, however, unless the plaintiff is more at fault than the defendant, they will not be precluded from recovering compensation. Instead, their damages award will merely be reduced in proportion to their negligence.

Confer with a Skillful Attorney in West Palm Beach or Miami

Riding a bicycle can be both an invigorating and relaxing experience, but bicyclists, unfortunately, face a greater risk of harm than people traveling by other means. If you are a victim of a bicycle accident, you should confer with an attorney to discuss what claims you may be able to pursue. The skillful West Palm Beach lawyers of Winegar Law, P.A., possess the resources and knowledge needed to present a winning case, and if we represent you, we will advocate zealously on your behalf. We regularly represent injured people in bicycle accident lawsuits in West Palm Beach and Miami, where our offices are located, and in other cities in Florida. You can reach us at 561-717-0447 or through our online form to set up a confidential and free meeting.

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